Carrier Opportunity – Perennial Van Lines

Perennial Van Lines is a licensed moving broker who works with independent and qualified moving service providers to supply our clients with quality moving services. As demand in the moving market increases, we continue to expand our network reach across the states whilst maintaining full coverage throughout the US.


Expand your business: With job bookings throughout the US, Perennial Van Lines can help you grow your business by keeping your routes active and busy.


Reduced down time: With a Perennial Van Lines membership, we will book the jobs for you. Use our simple moving panel for any open route and job opportunities to keep your schedule full.


Stay busy: Fill your empty trucks with the next moving delivery or on a return from a completed route. Increase your revenue with the use of Perennial Van Lines systems and processes.

Premium Partnership Opportunities

As your relationship with Perennial Van Lines is established, additional opportunities will become available to you as a preferred partner. Some of these opportunities may include premium jobs, corporate moving services and, exclusive customer service and operational personnel.


You may also contact us for support (866) 344-4506‬ with any questions or concerns you may have or may need assistance with.


You may also email us at at any time and we will respond to you in a timely manner.


Thank you for your interest in joining our Partner Program and becoming part of our Perennial Van Lines network, we hope to hear from you soon!

Application Guideline

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our new moving partners. Attached are the necessary forms needed in order to start your application with us. Once we have received your application, we will review the application and contact you.


*In addition to the forms attached, we require proof of ownership and driver licence copies.


This can be any official document that shows both the owners full name and the company name on the same form. Examples of acceptable forms include:


  • A Copy of active interstate license
  • Signed 409 agreement
  • Complete tariff of rates
    charges Exemplar copies of shipping documents
  • Copy of primary shareholder drivers license
  • Copy of insurance accord
  • We will need driver license copies of the owner and operational manager, if not owner.

1. Application Files (Please Download)

Download and fill the documents below to start your application today.


Partner Application Form: Click to Download Document


Credit & Background Check Approval: Click to Download Document

2. Submit Your Documents

After you complete filling your documents please submit them to us by any of the following communication methods:


Fax Main: 561-903-0356

3. Verification Process

Once your application is submitted, one of our agents will review and process your application and contact you with any additional questions, if necessary, or on how to get started.