Perennial Van Lines will connect you with experienced professionals who handle the wrapping and packing of furniture, valuables, sensitive equipment and other sentimental items. Recall that moving from one state to another puts belongings at greater risk because of the long journey. However, be rest assured your items will be packed in a manner that guarantees their safety. Of course, clients can either choose the full packing option or give us a list of the items they think will need our special care.



It is also our duty to connect you with movers who will also unpack items upon arriving the destination. Recall that some items often arrive safely but unfortunately, gets destroyed during the process of unpacking. Besides that, after a long trip, the chore of unpacking could be a burden to the client. Well, our mover’s staff will unpack, arrange and put your belongings in place while you relax and rest in your new home.


Perennial Van Lines equally offers temporary storage solutions when unforeseen circumstances arise. For instance, if the timetable of the client changes suddenly when closing on a real estate transaction at the destination, we can always negotiate a temporal storage near the destination. And of course, we will reschedule the delivery of the client’s belongings as soon as everything is sorted out.


We also offer solutions when it comes to transporting Pianos. Recall that a piano is not only delicate to move, but it is also very sensitive to extreme temperature and improper handling. As a matter of fact, a piano needs serious protection against nicks and scratches.

However, with Perennial Van Lines, you can be sure that your piano will arrive its destination intact and in proper conditions since we provide all the specialized experience, protection as well as insurance that moving a piano requires.


Our movers make use of the best quality packing materials because we are aware that it influences the state at which belongings arrive. Perennial Van Lines movers therefore use only durable supplies like high quality boxes, dish and glassware dividers, as well as other specialty packing materials that can withstand a long journey.

Unlike other moving companies, we do not use re-use grocery and shipping boxes because they offer very little protection.


Not all item are the same, we are aware of this and most times when items are large or particularly fragile, our recommendation is to create and build customized wooden crates with soft and special padding to protect these items.

Perennial Van Lines’ network of movers have advanced training and experience handling items that are both fragile and requires special care and/or attention.

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